JSW has high standards concerning the selection of new team members.

  • Our team members build on excellent academic training in such diverse areas of specialization as chemistry, biotechnology, physics, engineering, and business administration
  • In addition, they have shown that they are self-motivated as well as capable of accepting and fulfilling responsibilities and of motivating others. Analytical thinking, outstanding social and communication skills as well as creativity, flexibility, and strength to assert themselves in diverse settings are additional characteristics for which JSW looks in its employees.
  • Business language fluency in English, German and at least one other foreign language round out the desired qualifications of potential candidates.

Every JSW associate is selected for his / her potential to become a partner. We are also committed to seeing that all employees continue to develop systematically their skills through targeted individual training.

We believe in the power of diversity. We encourage our associates to openly share and exchange ideas and to proactively develop our firm further through the development of innovative concepts.