JSW supports and leads the Cluster BioEconomy through its selection as German Excellence Cluster

Represented by a Team of leading Clusterpartners and JSW Cluster BioEconomy succeeds in front of BMBF Jury

The Excellence Cluster competition of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) was created to strengthen and expand Germany's position among the leading technology nations. Clusters are local concentrations and networks of companies, research institutions and other organisations combining their R&D capabilities in a specific area of competence,  thus creating synergies between themselves. The BMBF supports selected strategic cluster partnerships with unique project portfolios through additional funding over a period of five years.

Combining the strengths of several subclusters, the BioEconomy Cluster was formed throughout 2010/2011. In February 2011, JSW took charge of the project management for the application process in the excellence cluster competition additionally providing and fullfilling the role as cluster management during the application phase.
Core tasks have been developing the required documents for the application while mediating the process to define the required content in regard to the basic concept of the cluster, joint strategy and definition of the initial project portfolio of the cluster. Key challenge was to find a pathway to integrate the divers views and perspectives of the various cluster partners and guiding the group through the different phases of the application process ranging from initial concept through cluster strategy, review visits and jury presentation.

On January 19th, 2012 the joint efforts where crowned by the ultimate success with the BioEconomy Cluster being selected new Excellence Cluster as one in a group of five winning clusters and the only one which succeeded at winning this prestigious crown as a new cluster and first time participant in the competition.