JSW conducts its own internal research and concept development to shed additional light on specific questions, which we find of interest to our clients or more generally to the industries we serve.

Recently, our main focus has been on the energy sector, specifically on the industry challenges arising from the growth of renewable energies.
An additional focus of our research and concept development targets the dynamics and challenges in the area of e-mobility.

Challenges in Emobility in 2010 and beyond

The current (political) conditions and regulations (taxation, subsidies, cooperation initiatives) do not keep up with the speedy development. They lack focus, address only early research issues (and not the initiation of...[more]

Situation of Emobility in Germany in 2010

Emobility provides a new mobility concept, currently driven by a multitude of national and international initiatives from industry (automotive, energy companies and suppliers) and politics[more]

Wind Energy - wishful thinking and reality

Does wind energy fulfill its promises as a future energy source capable of replacing conventional power generation?[more]

Exploiting the Opportunities of Investing in Central Eastern Europe’s Chemical Industries

The chemical industry in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) is on the rise. Accelerated growth through European Union membership and a new privatization push, combined with world-scale production units and modern facilities, make for...[more]